lose your house keysIf you’re like most people, you probably don’t think about what to do if you lose your house keys until it happens. You may find yourself locked out of the house or unable to get into the car because that’s where your spare key is hidden.

If you lose your house keys, don’t worry. Many things can be done to get back into your home. You may want to ask a neighbor if they have an extra set of keys, call a professional locksmith or police department for assistance, or use an old spare key if you happen to keep one hidden in case something like this happens. If none of these courses of action have worked out for you, then it is time to break out the drill and take matters into your own hands!

Here we will be discussing a few steps that can be taken in case you lose your key.

#1 Notify Your Insurance Company.

Have you ever locked yourself out of your house? Lost keys can be replaced for a price. Insurance companies may also send locksmiths or tow truck operators to help you get back in, based on the type of policy you have and where there’s been an accident while trying to unlock the door yourself! So, it is wise on your part to call your insurance company to notify them about your situation.

#2 Call the police

If you think your house keys have been stolen, it’s essential to file a police report. This will help keep track of any evidence and may even be required by insurance companies if the theft is reported later on while filing for reimbursement or other types of compensation-related with losses experienced throughout this eventful process such as identity fraud caused by losing belongings alongside one’s personal property like wallets equipped with another set keychains attached to them which are valued at different levels depending upon what their value means to each person, etc.

#3 Make Use of a Spare Key.

Home lockouts can be a frustrating experience, but you must know how to prevent them in the future. Having an extra key for your home’s locksmith, your close friend, or any trustworthy neighbors will allow access if lost or forgotten keys are not available at the time of lockout. You could store this hidden somewhere on-site, so as long as there aren’t any physical barriers preventing retrieval – such as large plants blocking doorways- then everyone should have no problem getting back inside their house without delay.

This is a great idea, but make sure to talk to your locksmith about which locks you should put these spare keys into. If it’s a lock that can easily be picked or broken into, you may want to choose another spot for the key.

#4 Look For a Different Entrance.

When you come home from work and realize that your keys are not with you, nothing is wrong. Instead of panicking, go around to check for any open/unlocked windows or doors; in such situations, it may be unlikely but also ideally, they shouldn’t have left their key(s) behind either! So go ahead try every possibility before resorting to desperate measures like breaking anything important glass-wise or calling locksmiths to come to fix the locks for you.

#5 Call In The Experts

Don’t lose hope! In case you are locked out of your home, contact a locksmith as soon as possible. Locksmiths have all the expertise and resources needed for solving issues regarding locks (and keys). When that happens – call them up today so they can help get back in ASAP.

Locksmiths can be your best friend when it comes to solving a problem with locks. They offer services for all sorts of issues, and they will use the least destructive way possible so that you can enter your home again, without damaging the door or compromising the security and safety of your locks and locks themselves.

#6 Buy a Lock yourself.

If you can’t find a spare key after trying all the options, then it’s time to buy a new lock and change your locks for locksmiths services. If there isn’t any spare key at all available but locks still seem old and outdated, then it is recommended that you change locks for locksmiths services anyways; locks can be easy or hard to pick, but even locks that seem impossible not to crack open with a screwdriver and sometimes still fall into the category of locks providing less protection than most modern locks.

If they’re old locks, there’s no way to tell how many people have had access to the locks before you bought them. On the other hand, new locks will keep away thieves and locksmiths who might try to pick locks because they’ll know that it’s a new lock and not likely to be broken into.

Some Protective Measures after You Lose Your House Keys

Protecting your home is essential, but ensuring that you never need to go through the frustrating ordeal of losing keys can be just as crucial. When there’s a threat like lost homes or stolen house keys, it becomes even more necessary for safety and security purposes. This happens especially if someone intentionally steals them from under us while we’re sleeping at night – then they could break into our houses with intentions other than giving back what was rightfully yours! Keys that were displaced due to negligence can have a significant impact on your life too.

One way to avoid losing your keys is by implementing specific protective and preventive measures. These are not just to ensure you’ve never locked out again, but also so that if we do happen upon a lost critical situation – whether it be at work or home–we can rest assured knowing those efforts will go toward securing our security rather than compromising them!

Get A New Set Of Locks

Losing your house keys doesn’t always dictate changing locks, but if you’re positive they were stolen and not just misplaced for a while, then it’s best to change them anyway. The last thing people want is to risk compromising their home security by leaving old unlock codes behind or keeping mediocre ones that could lead someone back to where valuable items are stored illegally (like sensitive documents).


If you’re interested in keeping your locks but have no time or money to replace them, rekeying may be for you. Rekeyed by professionals and with less expense than buying new high-security models, this service can provide lasting protection against burglars who don’t know how difficult it is to get into these types of mechanisms.

Get a Keyless locking Set-Up.

If you have the habit of losing your keys quite frequently, then it might be time for an automated or electronic type of lock. These keyless systems are not just safe, but they will also save the hassle of worrying about losing them every single day when going out!

Emergency Locksmith in Brampton

If you’ve lost your keys, don’t panic. Instead of risking injury trying to open locks with the wrong tool or forcing them out of a lock that they are jammed in, call GR Locksmiths for help. We have experience opening all types of locks and will get you back into your home quickly! Our professionals can also repair broken locks on-site if needed. Call us today at (647) 696-8686 for more information about our services and how we can assist you when it comes time to find new keys for yourself or someone else in need.