How Does This Method work?

Rekeying is usually done after you shed your residence keys or you move into a new house and dream to replace the locks. This process changes the stemless glass arrangement of the lock as opposed to replacing the doorknob or deadbolt. The locksmith professional will initially take the lock cylindrical tube housing out of the knob assembly, remove the retainer ring, and the cylindrical tube plug from the cylinder.

The cylindrical tube plug includes several colored pins that will only open when the right trick is placed. The locksmith takes these pins out of the cylindrical tube and replaces them with a new collection that matches the new key that you want to utilize. When the new pins remain in location, the handle is rebuilt.

Why Is Rekeying Better Than Changing Your Locks?

Because rekeying only calls for that you alter the pins in the lock, it tends to be a much faster and less costly procedure than replacing your locks entirely. This can result in considerable financial savings, especially if you have several doorknobs and deadbolts that need to be rekeyed.

This method also increases protection. With a rekeyed lock, you can have comfort knowing that only your collection of secrets will certainly give access to your home. You will not need to worry about somebody else using lost or swiped tricks to get inside.