Wireless door releases are an excellent way for businesses to upgrade their security. Commercial locksmiths in Brampton, ON, can install these door releases on any commercial building, and they will give your employees the ability to open doors from anywhere inside or outside of the building.

Wireless door releases are also an excellent option for companies that need to keep track of all entrances and exits when only one person is working at the premises. If you’re looking for a new system that will protect your company’s assets, then wireless door releases may be just what you need!

What are Wireless Door Releases?

Wireless door releases work by using radio frequency identification tags. When someone carrying an RFID tag approaches the building, they will be able to open the doors and enter without needing a card or key. This is great for businesses that want to keep track of all entrances and exits or those requiring a fast exit in an emergency.

These systems work the same way like a garage door opener. When an RFID tag signals a receiver, changing the state of the electrical contacts onboard the receiver. The contacts are meant to activate the electromagnetic locks.

Commercial Door Lock Types

There are few factors to consider when choosing the best commercial door lock system for your business. There is an electromagnetic lock if you need to maintain a secure perimeter or want the ability to control who goes in and out of your building remotely. If you’re looking for something more cost-effective, then consider installing a card reader with an electric strike. Commercial locksmiths can also install a padlock and chain, which is the simplest form of security.

Buzzer System: It is the most common door entry system since it is very convenient to use. In the case of this system, the guest has to press a button on a handset or microphone in your building. This system allows the host to talk to the guest before letting them into their house. Our technicians can help you install this system within no time.

Video Door Entry System: Such system comes with a built-in video camera that allows you to see and identify the person wanting entry to your building. It is a safer system that will enable you to see the visitor before letting them in. We at GR Locksmith have a top-of-the-line video door entry system, giving you plenty of samples to choose from.

Biometric Door Entry System: This type of door entry system offers the highest level of security to your residence or office. These systems use fingerprints, handprints, or retinas to confirm the person’s identity who wants to enter through the door. One can only enter if that person is the database of approved.

Wireless Door Release: Benefits

One of the best benefits of wireless commercial door releases is that they can be installed on any business. Whether you’re in a restaurant, hotel lobby, or office building, a commercial locksmith will install this system for you! If your company needs an emergency exit plan, then these systems are perfect because people with RFID tags can open the doors and quickly exit in case of an emergency. Commercial wireless door releases also use less battery power than a traditional keypad, which means that your batteries will last longer. Other than these, some of the benefits of the wireless door releases will provide to your property.

Increases Security To Your Property: A key is easily lost, making your property’s security system vulnerable to intrusions. Wireless door releases can be programmed to work with both RFID tags and keycards, which means that you will never need to worry about someone getting access without your permission.

Easy Access: Commercial wireless doors opens in seconds when an authorized person approaches the system. This is much faster than using keys or cards, making it easier for employees to enter and exit the building.

Easy To Install: Commercial wireless doors are easy to install, and they can be programmed as per your needs. It does not require any wiring, making it one of the most accessible door-release systems that you will find in the market today.

Different Access Levels: Commercial wireless doors can be programmed to give access to certain people to a specific area of the office. For example, a technician should not be allowed to enter where confidential financial information is kept.

Keeps Tabs On The Entry & Exit: Commercial Wireless Door Releases are often used to track walking through the door. This gives an accurate count of how many people have come and gone from a property in a day or week, which can benefit businesses requiring visitors, such as grocery stores, convention centers, hospitals, and theaters.

Can wireless door locks be hacked?

That all depends on the lock, you buy. Some wireless locks are more complex to hack than others, so it’s essential to ensure you have a good lock before deciding not to worry about hacking. All of the entry-level locks are pretty easy for hackers to break into. It’s the same as installing a lock that only uses a key and having an idiot friend who has copies of all your keys—except now you can broadcast your frequency wirelessly! If possible, always go with one of our higher-end models, like a wireless deadbolt or touchpad keyless entry system. 

What’s a suitable sensor device to alert your phone if a door or window opens in your place?

In general, wired systems are more dependable because they’re not susceptible to wireless glitches or internet service problems as these are often minimal occurrences. Wireless systems with monitored response will maintain reliable communications throughout your home and transmit signals through walls, so you always know what’s happening even if your house alarm was inadvertently disabled at a sensor point on accident. Although they do require some installation time and expense upfront, wireless security systems may save homeowners over time from high monthly monitoring fees.

What can a locksmith do if your smart home door lock fails?

Your door lock could likely be changed to a different type of lock. This is called rekeying a lock, and locksmiths are usually better at it than the average person. Replacing the lock would not take more than about an hour, but it would require replacing all three cylinders for them to communicate wirelessly with each other again. Locksmiths or installers will need to drill out two holes on either side of the door frame around 16 inches high and remove the old cylinder from both sides of the doorsill so that they can connect new ones using uprights outside, which will then be screwed back into place after the installation has been made underneath next to where these rods will protrude from and fit into the door.

Commercial Locksmith in Brampton, ON

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