Residential LocksThe locks on your doors are an essential part of your home’s security. They act as the first line of defense. If they’re not working properly, you could be at risk for break-ins and other crimes. There are many different types of residential locks that can protect you and your family.

There are many different types of residential locks that you might find in your home. They can be a deadbolt, a latch bolt, or a knob lock. Deadbolts and latch bolts have the advantage of protecting against intruders by preventing them from opening the door without breaking it down. Knob locks are great for homes with very young children because they’re easier to unlatch than other types of locks.

The most commonly used residential locks are deadbolts due to their protection against intruders; however, there is no single best lock for all homes, so make sure you choose one that’s right for you!

At first, it might seem like there is an endless number of door lock types. But with a bit of knowledge about them all and which ones work best for your needs, you’ll be able to make the right choice every time! Let’s look at the various types of locks that are commonly used on residential properties.  


Deadbolts are dead simple to use, and most importantly, their simplicity makes them popular. They’re used in many residential properties as well as commercial spaces because of this! A majority should be familiar with the single-cylinder type that can also have other styles like sash locks or knob cylinders for extra security on your home’s exterior doors.

There is no shortage when it comes down to making sure all four members inside know how vital these locks are – especially if you want safety from intruders getting inside before being timely locked out by someone else who doesn’t know what they did either.

There are several reasons that you may want to consider installing deadbolts in your home. For instance, there’s no law against using them, and they provide greater security for those who have children or pets at night because intruders cannot just walk right on with impunity if the door is locked from inside!

There are many different types of deadlocks, but the most popular ones are single cylinder and double cylinder models because each has its benefits depending on what you need it for – whether safety or convenience!

Door Knob Locks

Knob locks are not ideal for exclusive external use due to their limited amount of security. Unlike deadbolts, doorknobs buckle easily under the exertion force. The simple process of banging on a doorknob with a hammer could destroy it in seconds once compromised by an attacker and has easy access inside your house through any door or window that these types may be attached to as long they’re paired together with another lock like a deadbolt which reinforces safety measures put into place because otherwise there would only be evermore ways around one person being able shut themselves out from those already inside- be them, burglars, trying to find something worth taking or just someone wanting peace away. 

Interior door knobs allow for easy passage from room to room within your house, but they do not pose a threat when it comes time for emergency egress. Entry locks are essential because this type of handle can be installed in places where other classes might have vulnerabilities which will make them susceptible during times of crisis or criminal activity on the property you’re entrusted with watching over while also being aware of what these possible weaknesses may look like so as an owner/renter alike – we all need security!

Mortise Locks

Mortise locksets are the most common type of lock used in commercial properties, but they’re also quite popular with homeowners. It should be noted that there’s no universal rule for what makes a Lock Set “Residential” or Commercial – each door has its own unique needs when it comes to protecting both yours and those who enter your property from intruders!

A mortise lock is a type of door hardware found in apartments, schools, and commercial buildings. They generally consist of intricate metal pieces such as the threaded cylinder (which engages with other components) or cam for retracting latches when opened from either side by pushing on them gently while turning handles inward-ward until clicked into place right out front facing up towards your hands, so you know its locked tight!. One factor why this item has become popular over time would have something to do with how strong these locks themselves are; meaning even if one part breaks off, there will continue being useable without worrying about anyone else getting stuck outside like some other types may not be the same were they to fall out of place, get broken or otherwise become unusable without any backup key that you might have just laying around for instances like these which can come in handy at times plus this item happens to be favored among owners who want to increase safety whenever they’re away from home.

Cylinder Locks

A cylinder lock is an excellent option for securing patio doors and interior double door solutions. Still, if you want to keep your home safe from intruders with an exterior or sliding glass door, then it’s not going to be the best choice. The main reason why locks work so well on these types of structures is their durability; most people don’t realize that over time they can easily snap back into place when someone tries breaking in! This vulnerability leaves homes vulnerable as any could have easy access inside without causing too much damage internally like would happen otherwise by using other types/brands out there such as knob sliders etc.

No matter your priorities, there’s no denying that a lock is an essential part of home security. Even though it may not protect against intruders or burglars, the construction makes installing and using one much easier! This is true if you have a mortise lock that usually features one established from the factory -but even if not, it’s always worth having a locksmith come out and do the job right. If your home doesn’t have enough locks already in place-now is a great time to get them added on before anything wrong happens to your property, family, and belongings.

Cylindrical Lever Locks

Like deadbolts, cylindrical lever locks are a popular choice in both residential and commercial settings. Unlike door knobs which can take up space inside your home due to their size; they don’t interfere with other lock types as much because of this design feature that makes it easier for you to interact with them when compared on an individual basis than others who have protruding parts coming off-center from the body.

The lever lock is the easiest to use between these door types, but it’s not used as much in residential properties because most people opt for simpler knob-operated handles.

Lever locks are not the best choice for exterior doors. There is a high chance that they can be bypassed with little effort, and in some cases, lever handles themselves may act as an access point where intruders might compromise your lock if you’re not careful while disabling it from inside of the home’s safety zone.

Smart Locks

Electronic locks are an increasingly popular way to keep your property secure. This includes both homes and apartment complexes, as well as cars for those who own one! Before, you may have heard of intelligent or keyless entry systems but did not know what they were in relation to a regular lock on their front door? If so, then congratulations – you’re ahead of many others because that’s where most people think these technologies will do nothing more than offer convenience: giving us access without having pesky keys hanging around taking up space near our exit route if we had become trapped inside due bad weather outside while opening the garage.

A smart lock needs to receive a specific set of instructions from an authorized device to be locked and unlocked. These wireless communication protocols are usually transmitted wirelessly. Still, they can also use electricity instead if there’s no other option available – as long as you’re near enough so that current flows through your body (and not someone else’s) when unlocking or trying again later after another person has pushed unsuccessfully first time round!.

Installing an electronic lock on your home can be a great way to keep it safe from intruders and potential break-ins. Before you do so, make sure that these devices are correctly installed with all of the vulnerabilities taken into account – like how they will work during power outages, for example!

Locksmith in Brampton

Locks and keys are essential for the security of your home. It is advisable to install locks that cannot be opened by a key alone, which can help prevent thieves from breaking in when they use lockpicks or other tools. For example, you could choose a deadbolt with an emergency release on the inside if someone gets locked out. You may also want to consider installing window guards, so burglars don’t climb into your house through open windows while you’re away at work or asleep at night. Contact our team at GR Locksmith today if you need assistance deciding what type of residential locks would be best for your needs and budget. We offer free consultations to assess all aspects of your property and recommend solutions based on professional experience and knowledge.