The Benefits of a Master Key SystemDo you feel like your office is not as secure as it should be? Are you worried about the safety of your employees and customers? If that is so, then a master key system may be just what you need to solve these problems. A master key system can provide access control for all areas of your business, including individual offices, break rooms, restrooms, warehouses, and more. This type of system also makes sure that only authorized personnel are given access to certain areas after being cleared through an extensive background check process. With this kind of security in place at work or home, there’s no need to worry about would-be burglars breaking into your building during the night or on weekends when nobody is around!

Here are few of the benefits that come with a master key system:

Master Keys or Grand Master Keys

Master key systems are an excellent way to keep your home safe and secure. All you need is one master key that can unlock any door or window, making it easy for anyone who needs access into their own space without having to worry about getting lost on the other side due to complicated locks! They’re a great way to keep a spare key safe and secure for a contractor or housekeeper. Locksmiths can cut master keys or grandmaster keys that can open up any door in your home. You do not need to worry about the locksmith taking advantage of you either because they’re professionals who are bound by law to keep information about your keys confidential.

Some locksmiths can even create custom master keys for you! This is the best way to ensure that only authorized people have access to your home. Locksmiths have a long list of different kinds of locks in their repertoire, so there’s something for everyone when it comes to securing their home.

Allow Access Control

A master key system will give you the peace of mind that your employees can get into areas they need with just one touch. This is perfect for those who require complete access but want others only to have partial access. You’ll also know exactly where every person on site has permission, so there’s no unauthorized duplication in high-security zones like buildings or grounds!

The benefits of a master key system are numerous, including these: 

  1. Improved security with the ability to control access at any time or place by using one remote that works for both home and business locks;

2) Flexibility in choosing which entrance you use based on your needs-ease when coming back later after work without having to unlock all doors before entering inside safely

3 .) Convenience because no longer do keys have to be inconveniently kept around

4.) Added safety during emergencies

Minimize Locksmith Fees

If your business is experiencing more break-ins than usual, you can use a master key system to reduce the number of onsite locksmith trips. Instead of having to call for someone every time an employee has locked themselves out of their office or storeroom, they’ll be able to get in with just one master key! On top of that, having a master key system in place means you won’t have to pay for Locksmith services when you or your employees aren’t using the keys correctly. Locksmiths don’t like coming out to deal with such issues when it’s completely avoidable, so take advantage of this benefit and cut down on Locksmith service calls!

A Low-Cost Security Solution

One of the main benefits is its affordability as a security option. It allows you to have complete control over exactly which staff members have access- without having any master keys. It can be challenging to keep track and ensure that no one has been given too many or lost their key. In keeping with this idea, there’s also always concern about those floating around unless all locks are changed in the future. But if somebody finds his/her old ones again after being replaced by another set for some reason, then he’ll need to be rekeyed instead, so they’re still usable at heart.

Locksmiths can be expensive to call out for nuisances, and if they force you to change your locks after a visit, you’ll have to bear the brunt of those costs. A master key system is also less likely to cause physical damage than individual locks with keys because it’s so easy to fix any trouble spots when they come up.

Ideally Suited for Multi-tenant Buildings

Master key systems are an innovative way to provide added security for multifamily buildings. Each tenant can have their own individual set of keys, and the building manager or facility custodian has limited access when needed. When tenants move out after living in one location for some time (sometimes only days!), rekeying locks becomes much easier because no new hardware is required. All that’s necessary is reporting who moved what date(s) along with how many copies were made!

Beneficial For Larger Organizations

Master key systems are one of the best ways to ensure your facility stays secure and safe. They’re ideal for businesses with varying levels to not give complete access with just a single set. But also limit lower-level employees’ abilities so only they can enter certain areas where you need them most. Such as when there is an emergency happening inside their work area or something important being stored away from prying eyes on site.

The advantages include tracking personnel who had been granted full privileges much more accessible during these rare occasions when they cannot use regular doors because something happened at night while everyone else was sleeping. Otherwise known as “single points” within more extensive facilities, this ensures people have proper access when things go wrong without requiring Locksmiths to be called out every time an employee needs to get in and doesn’t follow the rules.

Reliable Locksmiths in Brampton, ON

To increase safety, security, and convenience for your home or business, we recommend adding a master key system. We at GR Locksmith can help create an affordable and effective master key plan that will provide the right level of protection for all of your locks. A master key system is designed to be more than just convenient, and it’s also easy on the wallet! Call us today to schedule a consultation with one of our experts.