If you have been using automatic sliding doors for a while now, you are probably already well aware of how they work. You press the button and wait as it opens up automatically in front of you. Unfortunately, sometimes these doors get stuck in their tracks or need to be manually adjusted by an expert. If this is happening to your door right now, then don’t worry! It can be fixed. Many locksmiths offer lock repair in Brampton, ON, so you have plenty of options to choose from.

Why Won’t Sliding Doors Slide?

Sliding doors in a home may look attractive, but they also require the occasional tune-up for optimal performance. At first, these sticking sliding doors may seem like a minor inconvenience. However, it becomes a real big pain sooner rather than later. If not taken seriously initially, the other parts of the door panel may be affected later, which may be a costly affair. Here are some reasons for your have your sliding door is sticking:

Drive Units Need Checkup

An electrical or mechanical drive unit of an automatic sliding door may prevent the door from sliding.

Software Issue

Software is an integral part of any automatic sliding door, and any software error may also cause the automatic sliding door to stop opening.

Motion Sensor

An automatic sliding door opens when its sensor senses any movement coming toward it. When the sensor does not operate, the automatic does not respond to any movement and stops opening.

Curved Tracks

A curved or bent track may hinder the movement of your sliding glass doors. If the track has an inwardly bent, this may stop the rollers from sliding. However, if the track is curved towards the outward direction, that door may get off-tacked. A simple can be fixed with the help of simple plies, but if the damage seems a big one, you should immediately call the experts for assistance.

Rollers Need Some Adjustments

In case you have the rollers that are offline, it will set off the door panel. This may also cause a lot of commotion as it will stop sliding and create an overall mess in your home. A few adjustments to the rollers or track can solve this problem if you have not been using these doors for quite some time.

Filthy Rollers

The roller is mainly situated at the bottom of the doors and carries the entire weight of it. If any dust or mud gets accumulated on the tracks, the door panel will get stuck. Hence, it is essential to keep the rollers clean and dust-free for smooth sliding of your doors.

Damaged or Rusty Rollers

The roller may get damaged due to rust or other wear and tear. This will hamper the movement of your sliding glass doors, too, making it difficult for you to move them outwards. To fix this problem, first, find a suitable replacement that matches your door panel’s width and is made from durable material like stainless steel.

Damaged Lock

If you have been using these automatic sliding doors for a long time now, there may be wear and tear on them. Even if the lock seems to work fine at times, it may also get stuck. This is a big problem and should be fixed immediately by an expert to avoid any other damage or breakage.

Broken Lock Rods

Another reason why these doors won’t slide is the broken lock rods that hold them in place. In this case, you will need replacements for both the roller bolts and the lock rods. This may require a little more effort, but you will be able to fix it quickly in no time.

Sliding Door Repairs

Sometimes, sliding doors may get stuck due to a few minor faults. In such cases, it’s possible to fix the problem at home without too much effort or expense if your door was not in use for long. However, this should be attempted only when necessary and always with proper preventive measures taken into account.

  • If you have an issue with the software, motion sensors, or drive units, you have to call the technicians from the actual manufacturing company to solve this issue. The company’s maintenance team is well equipped to fix this by following the appropriate protocol needed for the repair.
  • A simple adjustment of the rollers’ height with a screwdriver can be made to the doors, which are tough to open.
  • Cleaning the tracks full of dirt and dust with a vacuum cleaner or a brush can keep the flow of the sliding doors smoother. If not, a gradual accumulation of the dirt, causing the door to bounce off the track.
  • To let your sliding door operate smoothly, it is affirmative to keep its tracks aligned. To fix this, you can try to lift it and place it back on the center of the track. This should solve this issue.
  • When the door is not in use, it should be latched and locked with a key. This will keep your sliding glass doors safe from any intruders or trespassers until you are ready to open them again.
  • Locksmith professionals also recommend always following directions when installing these automatic sliding doors for the first time.
  • If the door is stuck with its lock firmly in place, a screwdriver may be used to adjust it as needed. This should only be attempted if there is no damage to the locks’ rod or other locking mechanism parts.
  • In case your sliding doors are not working correctly due to damaged rollers, it is advisable to get them repaired by lock repair professionals as soon as possible.
  • If your sliding door panels have not been used for a long time, it’s better to call lock repair experts and replace the rollers with new ones before you start using these doors again.
  • In case of any other problems such as broken lock rods, damaged locks that can cause the sliding door to malfunction. To repair such damages, professionals help is recommended.

Thses simple steps can be followed to fix an automatic sliding door. However, as everything has an expiration date, so do your automatic sliding doors. After prolonged use of such doors, maybe it’s time to buy a new set of sliding doors.

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