5 Tips to Make Your Front Door Safer

You may think that most burglars enter a home by sneaking in through a window or creeping down the chimney, but that is hardly the case. In most cases, thieves enter your home through the front door. That means your front door security must be very tight to keep off burglars.

As much as the front door is designed to add to your home’s curb appeal, it should be very secure. It would be best to consider factors such as the door jamb, the door handle, the strike plate, and the door frame. But, the essential feature to consider is your door locks. A home with a weak front door lock might be easily accessible by thugs or any other uninvited parties.

Here are five tips to make your front door safer

  1. Install A Heavy-Duty Deadbolt

A deadbolt is a valuable addition to your home security system. It should extend into the door jamb and be reinforced with a strike plate. This lock is safe, given that you can only unlock it from the inside of your home.

You can either buy double–cylinder deadbolts or single–cylinder deadbolts. Single–cylinder deadbolt is the one that has a key on only one side.

  1. Turn on Outdoor Lights

Although outdoor lights are not enforcement for front door safety, you should consider turning the lights on at night. That way, burglars may be intimidated by the lights and avoid going to your house. You can also invest in motion-detected lights, for those can scare away criminals.

  1. Reinforce the Existing Door Locks

You can reinforce existing door locks by using metal strike plates or cylinder guards. Strike plates reinforce the door jamb, making it difficult for criminals to kick in a door. Likewise, cylinder guards ensure that thieves cannot break or wrench the locks.

To further enhance the door security, you should ensure that the strike plates have long screws to reach the studs on the door frame.

  1. Fit Wide-angle Peepholes

Some burglars are daring to the point; they can knock at your door betting on the fact that you might open the door even if slightly. It would help if you had wide-angle peepholes fixed on your front door to make sure you can view the person knocking on the door before you open it. Otherwise, you may open to peep who is knocking, and the thug bangs you, forcibly opening the door.

  1. Rekey the Locks

If you buy a house from someone or renting an apartment, you might not be the first person to occupy that house. Therefore, the keys to the locks might still be accessible to previous owners or renters. Be sure to rekey the locks once you move into such a house.

How to Secure the Front Door with Better Locks

Your front door should have tight and firm locks to ensure thieves cannot break or use duplicate keys. To do this, you need to get a lock on the reinforcing bars. The bars add extra protection, making it hard to break a door.

You can also use a keypad lock system. You must key in a number that serves as a combination to unlock. You must know the right mix if you are open to this kind of lock. Some keypad lock systems can even lock you out as the homeowner if you cannot remember the combination.

Also, be sure to fix or replace screws that are sticking out, for they may be too easy to remove, making it easy to knock down your door. You can also consider using smart door locks.

Are Smart Door Locks Worth It?

Yes. Smart door locks save the headache of memorizing a combination or carrying keys everywhere. Smart door locks only allow authorized persons to lock or unlock the door. They work through voice activation, a finger tap, or a connected device. You can even use them with a pre-existing deadbolt if you cannot or are not allowed to many any modifications in the house.

If you are worried about how your friends or employees can access your home, you can consider getting locks with room for temporary codes. With the temporary codes, your guests can temporarily access your home.

How Reliable Are Keyless Door Locks?

Keyless door locks can either be smart or keypad locks. They are reliable but only if you use them.

They are keyless, which means you do not have to worry about losing or misplacing your keys. They only give access to persons with authorized access, and that means if anyone else needs to access your home, they must contact you. That way, you can tell who has entered or left your property.

Keyless locks are excellent and reliable for persons with disabilities, who might find it difficult to unlock the door using keys. Also, they can be beautiful and appealing, depending on the color and style you choose.

Can a Locksmith Help?

A locksmith can help you reinforce your home security in various ways. They can help you get one key that opens all locks to minimize your key ring or the number of keys you must carry. They can replace your window locks, install smart locks, deadbolts, and reinforce your door.

Therefore, locksmiths are not only for replacing keys. They can help you a great deal in reinforcing your home security.

Are Electronic Door Locks Realistic for A Home?

Electronic door locks are good, but they are not entirely secure. Thieves and criminals can still access your home even with electronic door locks. Therefore, to make your home safer, consider using a steel door or solid wood, install metal strike plates, reinforce door jambs with steel plates, and always lock your house whether you are in the house or not.

Your home should be a safe place, and you should feel secure all the time. Consider calling a professional locksmith to guide you on areas you need to improve your home’s security.